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    Jilin Yonglin Chemical Co., Ltd.

    About Us



    Jilin Yonglin Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2008. It is located in the beautiful beiguojiangcheng and Jilin economic and Technological Development Zone. The plant covers a total area of nearly 30000 square meters and a construction area of 13000 square meters.
    The company mainly produces a series of flame retardant products - triethyl phosphate (TEP). There are special R & D room, laboratory and other departments, with 3 chromatographic detection instruments, 2 moisture analyzer, spectral analysis and various analytical instruments to ensure product quality. At present, the production capacity of ethyl triphosphate is 99.5% and 99.5% respectively.
    The company gave up the inherent alkali neutralization production process in the industry, and cooperated with Tianjin University of science and technology to create a new production process. It is a domestic manufacturer that can ensure continuous production and stable supply of ultra-high quality triethyl phosphate with a content of more than 99.9. It is green, environmental friendly and has no three wastes, which has been affirmed and supported by the National Chemical Industry Park. The production process has obtained the national invention patent.
    The product has obtained ISO9001 quality certification, kosher certification of international Jewish food grade, reach certification of Europe and k-reach certification of South Korea. It is well sold all over the world and its quality has been highly praised by many enterprises at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire and look forward to win-win cooperation.